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I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Prept, and I can help you build confidence and prepare for your big interview. I've dedicated most of my career to strategy and management consulting, IT consulting, and building startups. I have conducted well over 100 interviews for a broad range of jobs in consulting, project management, tech, design, and marketing.

When conducting a mock interview, I like to focus on a specific type of job you're seeking and an actual company where you might be interviewing. My questions are tailored for you and the position you want to land. I can conduct general interviews, skills interviews, and case interviews for consulting.

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It was a very good practice interview and the advice at the end was very helpful. At some points the internet connection was lacking and it there was a bit of lag however overall the interview went smoothly. The beginning was informal and when the system is finally marketed you may find some people that require more practice opening, also body language cannot be read as easily over the internet and some people may need aid with that as well.
Reviewer: Ben S.
Wednesday Aug 07 @ 12:48 pm EDT
I did an interview with David for an entry level consulting analyst position. I'm glad I did it. He was prepared and asked good questions. It felt like a real interview, and I had to think on my feet. The feedback was useful, and I received some pointers on how to improve a couple of my answers. I need some more practice, but I definitely feel more prepared.
Reviewer: Shannon T.
Thursday Dec 12 @ 02:49 pm EST
Relevant questions focused specifically on the job description I sent him. Thanks!
Reviewer: Alex A.
Saturday Jan 04 @ 09:13 am EST
This mock interview was very important and helpful to me. David was very thorough, and he asked smart questions. The service that Prept uses to do the mock interview is very easy. The customer service is exceptional, David help me troubleshoot when I hit some technical issues with my computer. The interview feedback is worth it all, you will have some feedback to review all the time, and I think David's feedback on my interview was quality and useful for my future interviews. I will use the prept services again. I would definitely recommend David.
Reviewer: Nicole W.
Tuesday Feb 25 @ 06:50 am EST
I did two interview session with David. Well prepared questions and gave me real feel of the interview. Excellent feedback at the end of the mock interview. Which helped me to analyze and improve my self. I got selected in Fortune 500 companies with the help of David's mock interview practice.
Reviewer: Divya T.
Thursday Nov 19 @ 01:38 pm EST