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Margaret M.

Environmental Scientist/Federal Public Service

I have five years experience working at the Environmental Protection Agency as a technical expert for the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) Site Assessment Program. I have mentored students and peers in the past and led mentees and peers in many mock interviews to prepare them for a successful interview. I use mock interviewing as a tool myself with my mentors and believe that it is incredibly useful. I can help you sculpt your interview answers so that they are the best reflection of who you are and represent you as a competitive candidate for your desired job. I believe that well thought out responses and proper body language and posture are of the upmost importance when representing yourself to prospective employers and that using the correct critical thinking process is more important than a correct answer. I will encourage and assist you through a thoughtful mock interview and provide you with constructive insights that will help you in reaching your career goals.

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for 30 minute interview.

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Oct 2013

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Site Assessment Manager

United States Enviornmental Protection Agency

Enforcement Coordinator

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Site Assessment Manager

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University of Colorado at Denver 2008

Master of Public Administration

University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2005

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