About Prept

Prept helps job seekers ace their interviews.

We've developed an online platform that connects job seekers with industry professionals—who they do not already know—to do online video conference mock interviews and informational interviews. We are helping job seekers prepare for interviews by practicing with real industry professionals in their desired fields.

Mock Interviews

Our goal is to replicate the pressure of real job interviews and to help job seekers get the practice they need to stand out from the competition. Job seekers search the Prept network and can book an interview with any of our industry insiders. Getting prepared for your interview should not depend on where you're located or who you know. With Prept, every job seeker can schedule a session with one of our industry interviewers and get the practice, industry insight, and feedback they need to prepare.

Our interviewers are experienced industry insiders. Many are active hiring managers for their companies, and all of them have been through the recruiting and hiring process. They ask questions pulled directly from their experiences. They tailor the interview for you, and they give you feedback that can help you fine-tune your interview performance. Let us help you get prepared.

Our Interviewers

Can you help others get prepared to land their dream jobs? Our interviewers enjoy the experience of helping job seekers and students get ready for their interviews—but they also make some extra money. You set your own price for your time; you determine your own schedule; and you only conduct the interviews that you personally accept.

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We're transforming how job seekers prepare for interviews, enabling them to build confidence and stand out from the competition. It's a simple concept with powerful results. Give Prept a try, and interview with confidence.

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