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432 Ventures is an entrepreneurial lab and holding company for launching, building, and growing new companies. David Burnett created 432 Ventures in January, 2011. Although our primary business is providing consulting services, we have also launched several concepts as independent companies. 432 Ventures currently operates in Durham, North Carolina.


In addition to our core consulting services, we also aim to pursue novel concepts in under-targeted markets that demonstrate strong promise, validated through successful customer feedback.


We identify, recruit, and build teams with complementary skills that are specific to each project that we pursue. If you believe you could be a fit for one of our consulting projects or companies, please let us know.


We take an agile and customer-driven approach to everything we do. We use scrum and kanban to drive our development process, and we put a premium on continual progress.


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David Burnett

David Burnett

Founder and President

David Burnett is an entrepreneur, executive, and investor. He created 432 Ventures as an entrepreneurial lab in January 2011. Through 432 Ventures' primary business of Methric, he provides expert management and tech strategy consulting services to clients. Always on the lookout for new market opportunities, he also leads strategy, management, and concept evaluation within 432 Ventures. When new companies are launched from the entrepreneurial side of our business, he takes a leadership role in each independent company.

David has split his career between startups and strategy consulting. His current primary focus is the boutique strategy consulting company called Methric. He is an expert in delivery transformation, and Methric specializes in helping organizations transform project, program, and product management and delivery capabilities. Previously in his career, David spent many years at Accenture, the global management and technology consulting firm, where he served as the US Methodology Practice Lead. David has led many large, complex engagements for Fortune 100 companies to transform delivery capabilities; plan and implement strategic process improvements; build and deploy project management, program management, product management, and software development methodologies; and implement best practices for IT strategy. Early in his career, David worked as a Senior VC Analyst at IPO Group. He was also a Thomas J. Watson Fellow, during which time he spent 18 months conducting research and writing about Asian technology entrepreneurs and the Asian venture capital market.

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